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Significance of CheonBo Couples based on the Principle


Director Young Gil Kim, Blessed Family Department, International Headquarters


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The title ‘Blessed Family’ is precious and special. A Blessed Family is a restored family, finally born in the course of restoration through indemnity. Blessed Couples are princes and princesses who have inherited the lineage of Heavenly Parent. They are the hope of Heavenly Parent and the fruits of history. Until now, we have lived of our lives thinking that becoming blessed families is the end point of history. We’ve been living with the belief that there is no higher goal. However, looking back of the Divine Principle thoroughly, it is mentioned that there is a course after receiving the Blessing. The Blessing is the ceremony to go through the course to separate Satan, reach the top of the growth stage, receive the Messiah, and change Satan’s lineage to Heavenly Parent’s lineage. Therefore, we still have a course to complete. Along with the Messiah, we must go through the course at the top of the completion stage, taking part in building Cheon Il Guk.


Fortunately, we have lived a providential life through our encounter with True Parents. Whatever our personal opinion, our lives have been a calling from heaven. This is the path that others dare not go through, a course that is misunderstood and persecuted, a path of absolute faith that goes beyond logic, and a mission that transcends limits. The life of Blessed Families is different from majority of typical families on earth. On behalf of all mankind, Blessed Families have the responsibility to go through the course at the top of the completion stage, being the central figures of this era attending True Parents, and becoming Heavenly Tribal Messiahs representing their ancestors and tribe. Through the guidance and blessing of True Parents, Blessed Families have been the pillars for the construction and settlement of Cheon Il Guk. Whether we want it or not, whether the world is aware of it or not, we are people called upon by Heavenly Parent. If we didn’t receive any calling from heaven, we would have just enjoyed our normal, joyful lives as ordinary believers. However, just like Abraham, Heavenly Parents called upon us and blessed us with the hope to multiply and prosper like the countless stars in the sky. 


Just as a father tries to give all kinds of advice, discipline out of love, and gentle encouragement to guide their children to do well, Heavenly Parent has been working his heart out helping us meet the conditions needed to enter the top of the completion stage. When we are hesitant and think that we can’t achieve the goal, Heavenly Parent appears in our dream. When we collapse from exhaustion doing the mission, Heavenly Parent sends our ancestors to help us. Heavenly Parent has been struggling to guide all of us to become not only Blessed Families on the top of the growth stage, but to families who have completed the purpose of creation. Until now, there has been no one who has completed the purpose of creation throughout history. Even Jesus came as a human being who have completed the ideal purpose; however, he was not able to create a family and tribe on earth. CheonBo Couple is the title given to a husband and wife who has completed the purpose of creation. It is true that there are still limitations internally and externally, but True Mother is determined to guide us to achieve CheonBo, the completion of the providence. It is for this reason that True Mother gave directions to rename the Cheon Pyeong Training Center to ‘CheonBo Heaven and Earth Training Center’. 


There are four main conditions to fulfill to become a CheonBo Couple. The first condition is to complete blessing 430 generations of ancestors. To build Cheon Il Guk in heaven and on earth, it is a must to also restore all past spirits. Blessed Families must restore all their ancestors as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs. When you observe your surroundings and look back on history, do you think there have been people of faith who loved and cared for their ancestors as much as we do? The condition to love one’s ancestors is through liberation and blessing. We, Blessed Families, are fruits of the providence, but if we don’t liberate our ancestors, how can we be qualified to be messiahs. True Parents have been guiding Blessed Families to take on this challenge that others dare not try. At first, we were given directions to liberate and bless 7 generations, then the bar was set higher to 210 generations, 4 lines, 8 lines, and then 430 generations. If we were told to reach the goal of 8 lines or 430 generations of ancestors in the first place, many of our members would have already given up in the very beginning. However, what do you think is happening now? We all victoriously completed this almost impossible mission. 


Secondly, another main condition is Tribal blessing. In order to build Cheon Il Guk, there must be citizens restored through the principle. All Blessed Families must form a tribe and be registered as citizens of Cheon Il Guk. I thought that the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship was like how Jewish people are structured into 12 tribes. However, in our case, we each have to form and raise our own tribe. 


The third condition is the CheonBo Holy Wine Ceremony. True Parents is well aware that we, Blessed Families, still haven’t achieved Individual Perfection, while also having several violations of heavenly laws in the past. The CheonBo Holy Wine Ceremony is a tremendous grace given to us by True Parents to forgive all those sins. Therefore, all CheonBo Couples who have received forgiveness through this ceremony must understand this and strive to achieve Individual Perfection. We must live a life where in we don’t have to drink this holy wine for forgiveness again. We must stay away from apostacy, drinking, smoking, and hereditary sins and be reborn. True Parents, we are deeply grateful for purifying us from our sins. 


The final condition is the CheonBo Registration Blessing Ceremony. Many of our members don’t clearly understand the significance of this ceremony. True Father mentioned in the past that we would receive the blessing three times. First is the Blessing for Single Candidates, and second is the Cheon Il Guk Registration Blessing. When Cheon Il Guk is established, all Blessed Families will enter the Heavenly Kingdom as a couple, as husband and wife. This means that Blessed Families will be registered as citizens of Cheon Il Guk. This second Blessing is on the national level. Lastly, the final blessing is on an international scale, where in CheonBo Couples must form tribes and be registered as a Heavenly Tribal Messiahs, representing one’s nation. Therefore, CheonBo Couples must participate in the CheonBo Registration Blessing Ceremony together with their 430 generations of ancestors and 43 core tribal couples representing at least 430 couples of the tribe. 


Now, Blessed Couples who have achieved CheonBo are not merely in the position of having completed conditional purpose of creation anymore. CheonBo Couples must live a life of faith to complete Individual Perfection, Family Perfection (Tribal Completion), and Perfection of Dominion (Settlement of Cheon Il Guk). We must be devoted our lives to remove our fallen natures, to love our tribes through raising 43 core tribal couples, and to fulfill the condition for the settlement of Cheon Il Guk. From now on, CheonBo Couples are not on the level of life of faith by following guidance or directions stated in Official Memos. If we realize the principle and if we genuinely understand Heavenly Parent’s wish, then we will automatically live a life different from before. 


When CheonBo Couples ascends to the spirit world, a typical funeral, or a Seonghwa Ceremony of the era of restoration through indemnity will not be conducted. Funerals are for those who still have a lot of regrets left in the physical world and the Seonghwa Ceremony is for members who have left a path of indemnity and a path to growth. CheonBo Couples are members who have completed the purpose of creation. They are people who are born on earth through the principle of creation and have fulfilled the given responsibility of the three great blessings. The Seonghwa Ceremony of CheonBo Couples will be a lively Seonghwa festival of heroes commemorating and celebrating their victory and success on earth. Instead of a eulogy, congratulatory messages will be given, and instead of reminiscing, we would be congratulating. Our victors, completers, heroes of Cheon Il Guk, to all CheonBo Couples, may you be blessed by everlasting grace from heaven.