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Request for Confirmation of 2021 Cheonbo Award Box Delivery Information


May the love and blessings of Heavenly Parent and True Parents be with you always.

We are currently preparing Cheonbo award boxes for the victors of 2021 Cheonbo registration. Please once again guide the candidates so that they understand the details below and enter the information correctly for Cheonbo award boxes production and accurate delivery.

1. Things to note

A. Contents

  1) Entering your English name

     A) Type in English uppercase alphabet

     B) Type without any symbols like parentheses, commas, hyphens, slashes, etc.

     C) If there are any deficiencies, an award box cannot be manufactured.


   2) Entering your Address and Mobile Phone Number

     A) Type your zip code and City’s name accurately

     B) Type your address in English uppercase alphabet

     C) If you do not enter your mobile phone number or if there are any deficiencies, the award box will not be delivered.


B. Deadline: August 17, 2021 (KST)


C. Method: After logging in the Cheonbo evaluation website on the English page (, click “MODIFY”, and then you can modify and enter the data.