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CheonBo Registration Photo Guidelines


When creating the website account, it is permitted to temporarily upload a couple photo taken by a phone for evaluation purposes. However, since the registered couple photo on the website will be used for the CheonBo Won ‘Hall of Victors’ exhibition and CheonBo Card after passing the final level evaluation, the website photo must be updated according to the given standards as stated below by August 10.

1. If possible, it is recommended that a professional photographer takes the couple’s photo.

2. Image Quality: It is very much requested to prepare a quality photo with at least length of 5,000pixels and width of 3,500pixels (300dpi).

3. Background: Since the couple’s photo will be edited for exhibition, as much as possible, please take the photo with one simple background color.

4. Posture: The basic posture for the photo is standing showing the whole body, as shown in Image 1. However, if the husband and wife have a significant height difference, it is acceptable to take the photo seated, as shown in Image 2.


Image 1) Image 2)



Verification Method

A. Login to Website.B. Click [MODIFY] button to edit the contents when necessary.

B. Click [MODIFY] button to edit the contents when necessary.