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Request to Verify Personal Information of 2021 CheonBo Candidates


Thank you for your cooperation in supporting the CheonBo candidates in creating the required website account. However, among the candidates’ personal information, the ‘name’ and ‘robe size measurements’ must be accurately checked for the reasons stated below. We once again ask your cooperation to guide the candidates to thoroughly check their personal information on the website.


1. Personal Information Requiring Verification

 Items                  Reasons for Verification                  Contents Requiring Inspection
 Name  ■ The name will be recorded in the Hall of Victors.
 ■ The name will be written in the CheonBo Card.
 ■ Check whether the recoded name is not duplicated.
 ■ Verify whether it is the name the candidate wants to be recorded on the website.
 ■ The CheonBo Holy Robes will be produced according to the measurements recorded on the website.  ■ Check whether the measurements are recorded in centimeters. (Measurements in inches is not permitted.)
 ■ Check whether the current body measurements are recorded.
 (Check whether the measurements are not recorded according to past memory.)
 ■ Refer to the [Attachment], Chest Size Measurement Method.


2. Verification Method

A. The CheonBo Evaluation Website CheonBo Candidate Login.

B. Click [MODIFY] button to edit the contents when necessary.


3. Period of Verification and Modification: Modification of information on the website is possible until

July 28, 2021, 17:00 (Korean Standard Time). Modification of information on the website is not possible

after the set deadline.